Total Control

Total Control features & benefits

Keep an eye on what matters.

Total Control is the software solution we designed from the ground up to help businesses, clubs, schools, and government institutions run smoother. Any part of an organisation requiring authentication or payment can be made better using Total Control. Consider these examples:

A gym requires door staff to verify membership before allowing patrons through the door. With Total Control, they simply tap their membership cards and receive instant access (or denial) based on their membership status.

A golf club restaurant that offers discounted drinks for members. Members would need to show their membership cards to the clerk, who would then input the discount manually. With Total Control, they simply tap their membership card (pre-loaded with cash) and purchase their drinks in a second – discount included.

A high school library aiming to open up a study room or a parking lot solely for Year 12 students to use. With Total Control, school staff can set automatic access permissions on student cards and avoid the need to verify identity on a regular basis.

Solutions like these can help your business or organisation to thrive. Total Control uses the latest technology to deliver a better customer experience, better metrics, and better control – especially as we move toward a cashless society.

So how does it work?

Total Control Base

Total Control is our flagship software. We wrote it from the ground-up, and we designed it to do the lot – but the best thing about Total Control is its modular design. You will never pay for what you don’t use. Total Control is the building block for our other licensed modules, which are chosen by you and are entirely dependent on what your business actually needs.

Total Control is the basic platform for all of our add-on modules, each of which is designed for separate purposes:

Access Control

Facilitates access to certain areas e.g. gyms, locker rooms, car parks, buildings, offices. Allows users to set access rules (hours, rates, minimum charges) and manage individual account funds.


Facilitates total member management, including member status, discounts, groups, and cards. Also includes the ability to automate booking systems for facilities and function rooms.

Point of Sale

Facilitates cashless and member-card payment systems for bar sales, merchandise sales, and retail sales. Allows for full touch-screen capability, stock management, price-setting, EFTPOS integration, and loyalty systems.

These are just three of Total Control’s many modules. You’re free to pick all of these or just the one – because we don’t waste your time selling you the technology you will never use. You can browse all of Total Control’s modules below. Just click on an icon to get started.