Pharos Cloud

Pharos Cloud, the proven cloud-based print management solution for enterprises.

Managing on-premises print infrastructure and supporting employee printing can be difficult and time consuming, straining your already-limited IT resources.
Companies are increasingly migrating key applications and systems to the cloud to eliminate costly infrastructure – and print is no exception. Pharos Cloud is the proven cloud-based print management solution for enterprises that:
   • Reduces costs by eliminating expensive infrastructure, and reducing IT overhead and printing costs
   • Enhances security with end-to-end encryption and secure print workflows
   • Supports the increasingly hybrid workforce with an intuitive and consistent experience across platforms to any Pharos-enabled printer
   • Optimizes the print environment through actionable insights and analytics.

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Enterprise-scale print management

Pharos Cloud is a cloud-native solution with a proven track record of supporting the security, scalability and high-availability requirements of the largest global organizations. The true cloud-based print management solution eliminates costly print servers and management of vendor-specific print drivers, and provides complete management and control over the day-to-day print operations across your organization through intuitive, web-based administration. A regular cadence of releases update Beacon components automatically to bring new innovations and capabilities that simplify print operations and address changing workforce needs.

Enabling a hybrid workforce with intuitive printing

Pharos Cloud provides users with a consistent print experience across operating systems, workstations, and mobile devices to any printer, regardless of manufacturer—simplifying the printing for the increasingly hybrid workforce. Pharos Cloud supports secure, remote, and work-from-home workflows enabling employees to submit jobs from any network, and walk up and release prints from any Pharos-enabled printer—without the hassle of mapping to specific printers or managing vendor-specific print drivers. Users simply authenticate at any device and the documents are released. Pharos Cloud even supports touchless workflows to reduce the risk posed by high-touch surfaces by releasing prints through scanning a QR code or swiping a proximity card.


Actionable insights to optimize enterprise-wide printing

Pharos Cloud’s comprehensive cloud-based analytics provide clarity and insights into print behaviors, outliers, and trends across your print environment. Modern and intuitive dashboards help visualize the key metrics of your print environment behind a single pane of glass, and allow administrators to drill down to individual devices, users, and print jobs—providing you with the actionable insights to reduce printing costs, optimize your fleet, and support sustainability initiatives.