Resource and Room Booking

R&R® is a web based resource booking system designed for use in schools, colleges, universities, public libraries and corporate environments. R&R allows organisations to define the equipment they want end-users and staff to be able to book, determine who manages that equipment and also who can make reservations and for how long. The implementation of R&R quickly optimises resource utilisation, promotes fair access and enforces end-user accountability. Comprehensive usage statistics allow your organisation to make informed purchasing decisions. R&R utilises cutting-edge web technologies that support all major web browsers and provides an intuitive, unchallenging experience to both staff and end-users.

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Powerful searching capabilities allow users and staff to quickly find and book exactly what they are looking for in the best way for them whether it is the traditional booking grid, simple booking wizard or via their iPhone, Android or other Smartphone. Attributes can be specified allowing them to make the best choices before making a booking. Valuable time is saved with R&R’s intuitive web interface which provides a clear ‘at-a-glance’ view of availability. You can also define related items which can be booked in conjunction with another item.


R&R empowers users with responsibility for their own booked items. You can inform users and configure instructions and notifications outlining the rules of bookings at all stages. This ensures users are fully accountable for collections, returns and damages. R&R can also be configured to issue fines for late returns.


R&R’s powerful reports can be automated and allow administrators to quickly identify which resources are being used, how often they are booked, for how long and for which types of user. This allows valuable ‘real usage’ information to be used when planning for the future procurement of costly resources.


R&R allows for communication between staff and users at all booking stages. R&R displays booking instructions/confirmations, cancellation notices, return instructions and overdue reminders which can be sent to users by email, viewed on-screen or printed out.


R&R is a complete solution with no hidden costs. We operate a simple software licensing model which includes departmental and site-wide licences. R&R also utilises cutting-edge web technologies that support all major web browsers and provides a straightforward experience to both administrators and end-users. Through effective tracking and accountability you can identify the perpetrators of breakages, no shows and lost equipment and therefore prevent unnecessary spending in the future. R&R is the sister product of MyPC, our market leading computer booking system.