Clubs & Associations

Bringing industry-leading tech to local communities.

Your local footy club, yacht club or industry association is the backbone of your community – and patrons and members are their lifeblood.

We developed Total Control to create positive user experiences for those members and management alike. If you want to offer varied member access and cashless payments at your club, Monitor WA engineers the databases, cards and waterproof wearable technology to do it.

Our solutions have endowed hundreds of clubs with bar, canteen and merchandise sales, access systems, member management, usage data, loyalty rewards and better ticketing capabilities.

We specialise in cash-free transaction technology that gives you total control – and gives your users total convenience.

What Total Control can do for your club:

Point of sale, bar & retail sales

Experience a full-service point-of-sale system featuring seamless integration to Total Control. Import all saleable items to the module and easily handle both cash and cashless member card payments through a combination of Total Control software and the touch-screen hardware devices we supply and install.

 Loyalty & rewards programs

Reward the loyalty of your patrons with redeemable points they can use for discounts through our point-of-sale system. Points, products and redemption items are all selectable by you.

Stock control

Manage your inventory with a list of purchasable items using Total Control. Adjust quantities, pricing and profit margins, add suppliers and apply discounts both per group and globally.

Reporting facilities

Generate helpful reports to get a quick and easy overview of transactions. Transactions are all date and time stamped, and can be reported on using a variety of standard templates. Don’t see the report you need? We can produce customised reports at your request.

Facility & resource bookings

Do you hire out your function room for private events? With Total Control, you can create a collection of bookable resources like physical locations and equipment. Total Control allows you to easily manage dates, times and maximum occupancies, send out booking confirmations and automate the events process with ease.

Membership management

The Total Control membership module makes managing memberships for your club or association easy. Tiered membership types, expiry dates, spending habits and benefits are a breeze to manage, and the module also allows you to send out welcome letters, membership renewals and promotions in a snap.

Membership & ID card printing

Monitor WA can create personalised membership cards for your patrons. These RFID-equipped cards can be used for access points like doors and boom gates or for making purchases from our point-of-sale system. Membership cards can be printed onsite or using our bureau service – if you want to do it yourself, we’ll provide you with the necessary resources. If you’d prefer we handle it, cards will be printed and dispatched within one business day, and they can either be sent to you or directly to the card holder.

Access control

Control who gains access to your club quickly and easily through member cards. Access to car parks and buildings are controlled when patrons scan their personalised RFID cards at the designated reader – which instantly allows or denies entry based on permissions you’ve set up in Total Control. You’ll even be able to apply charges for entry across all configured access points.

Event entry & ticketing

Create an event, then manage access to gates and resources based on patron attendance. By using hand-held devices or other card scanning technology, you can have multiple entry and exit points.

See a previous project

The Western Australian Sporting Car Club wanted to streamline how they captured and updated member information, like licenses, vehicles, interests and more. By enhancing TotalControl, we were able to provide a web-based member portal that meant users could modify and update their own details. Read out what the solution entailed below.