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You may not know it, but Monitor WA has facilitated the movement of thousands of children through the Australian school system.

That’s because our tech solutions are designed to feel like second nature.

Our hardware and software packages can manage student IDs, make canteen lines more efficient, help kids take public transport, manage printing and copying – and most importantly, keep children safe.

All on one card.

Our Industry Solutions:


Monitor WA is a proud supplier of RollCall, a revolutionary online system designed to maximise child safety.

It uses cutting edge technology to manage student activity on and off buses during daily commutes and school excursions in real-time.

With RollCall, students carry ‘smart-tags’ (similar to SmartRiders) equipped with advanced bus-tracking technology for full visibility of movement. RollCall brings peace of mind to everyone who values the safety of our most precious cargo.


SmartCard importer

Monitor WA’s SmartCard Importer service makes it easy for your organisation to quickly and securely receive electronic card information from a card production bureau.

The SmartCard Importer service will regularly check Monitor WA’s card production server for new card information and proceed to download and import the SmartCard information into your 3rd party on-site card solution.


Canteen sales

Monitor WA have been providing cash-free canteen solutions to schools for over 10 years. There are myriad benefits to a cash-free canteen: parents can order lunches online and restrict certain foods, staff can monitor allergy alerts and all in-school meals can be prepaid.

Additionally, administration staff can avoid cash handling at multiple onsite service points and the management of unpaid accounts. Monitor WA supplies a range of canteen sales solutions that can be tailored to specific requirements.


ID cards

Monitor WA runs a customised online card printing service. We craft your card design template using your branding, so all you have to do is log in, enter the variable data and order cards as needed. Your order is placed in our automated queue and our cards are printed daily. We also supply a range of card printers if you need to print cards on-site.  


Print and copy control

Monitor WA tackles print and copy expenses for schools using managed solutions. We can assist in you in implementing printing terminals, card readers, balance checkers, bring-your-own-device printing, cloud printing, value loading hardware, external devices, print automation and more. 


Library technology

Monitor WA stocks a range of library equipment designed to automate and simplify the traditional book loaning process, including self-loan kiosks and security gates. 


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