Complete hardware and software solutions, to provide you with in-house or offsite card bureau ID card printing solutions.
In-house software can be designed to be easily incorporated with your existing AD, ERP and/or CMS solutions.

Electronic security encoding supported to integrate with existing security and cashless card solutions.

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Reduce print wastage and control expenses by implementing a print/copy cost management solution suited for your organisation's requirements.

We can integrate your existing ID cards seamlessly (including your SmartRider card) to make it easier for your users to securely access (and pay) for the print and copy usage.

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RollCall is a revolutionary new on-line system designed for the safety of children. Using the latest technology to manage the movements of children on and off buses during daily commutes and school excursions. Safety is delivered through visibility. This is what we deliver to parents, school staff and bus drivers. Everyone who shares an interest in the safety of this precious cargo will have peace of mind.

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A complete and modularised solution that can be easily customized to meet your unique requirements. One solution to manage you ID security card production, secure access to facilities and resources. As well as POS terminals and self-service kiosks hardware and software to assist in recovering costs for services.

Our product continues to be improved to support newer technologies, as they are introduced to market, to ensure they meet the needs of tomorrow.

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Reduce the need for cash handling at your school/college by implementing a cash free canteen solution that makes it easier for parents to order meals and assist in food allergy prevention.

We have different options depending on your organisations requirements. Contact our sales team to have someone visit your site and provide a customized solution for you.

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