Point of Sale (POS)

Total Control POS Overview

The Total Control Club POS module has been designed to provide an easy-to-use point of sale and stock tracking system that is suitable for sport and recreational clubs, and other institutions for which transactions are typically related to a patron account, card or event.


Stock Control

  • Monitor stock levels in real time and generate reports of recommended stock orders
  • Perform incremental or periodic stock takes
  • Track the profitability of stock over time

Scheduled Events

  • Events may be configured to occur on a single occasion or on a recurring basis. Each event may be associated with an account so that spending for the event comes out of that account. For instance, if a room were hired out for a party then the POS terminals in that room would be set to use the account for that event.

Membership Charging

Membership level can be set to different charging levels. With TC-POS you can grow your club members by giving them benefits to join!


Monitor WA can supply customizable reports that may be viewed as tabular data or graphically as a pie, line or a bar chart.

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