Card and Storage accesories

Picture of Monkey USB drive (8GB)
Monkey USB drive (8GB) USB 2.0

$22.73 ex GST

Picture of Sandisk USB 3 ThumbDrive (32GB)
Sandisk Ultra Dual Drive m3.0 (32GB) Flash Drive for PC and Android devices

$22.73 ex GST

Colour lanyard with safety break-away clip and card clip. Clear transparent card holder to ensure both sides of the card can be seen. ** Product does not include a SmartRider card. All cards are sold separately.

From $2.73 ex GST

Picture of Belt clip with clear plastic card holder
Retractable belt-clip with clear plastic card holder.
** Does not include a SmartRider Card.
All smart cards are sold separately.

$5.91 ex GST

Radiation Absorbing Device Card
Placing a Radiation Absorbing Device Card, between your phone and your SmartCard, can stop your phone interfering with the card's electronic signal. The R.A.D. card allows you to use your SmartCard, whilst it is still stored safely inside your phone's case.
**Please note: we are unable to guarantee this card will function as expected, with all cases and all phones.

$9.09 ex GST

Picture of Mobile device card holder
Carry your card with your phone! MonitorWA mobile device card holder adds a card cavity on the back side of your phone to carry transport card or even credit card, no wallet required!

$7.27 ex GST