Welcome to the Monitor WA SmartRider Portal

Parents, Guardians and Students

Eligible parents, guardians and students may use this portal to:

Purchase a SmartRider Concession card online for $5 with a credit card if your child or yourself attend a participating primary or secondary school

Download an application form for a SmartRider Concession card. The form must be signed and stamped by the school and mailed to Monitor WA with a $5 cheque, money order.

Schools and Institutions

Eligible schools and institutions may use this portal to:

Download a form to register your site to receive SmartRider Concession cards for your students or to update your site information and card design

Choose a design for your cards or elect to make a custom design

Participate in the online ordering system to allow concession cards for your primary and secondary students to be purchased online

Download student SmartRider faulty card report, and obtain copies of the application forms for SmartRider Concession cards that you may be requested to sign and stamp for student orders

Download the free Monitor WA IDCapture software for Windows to assist with placing card orders via email

Download the conversion tool if you have an IDCapture 1.5 database to upgrade to the latest version or the database driver if you intend to sync IDCapture with a SIS database

Register for access to the Monitor WA portal for ordering staff cards, driver cards and other non-concession cards online

Login to order a staff, driver or other non-concession card for a registered site

I have a Question!

Many commonly asked questions have been answered in the FAQ and other documents provided on this site

Questions about card orders or card production should be directed to Monitor WA. Our contact details are (08) 9240 4777 during office hours and support@monitorwa.com.au

Questions about the SmartRider system including how to use the cards, adding or transferring funds and hotlisted cards should be directed to the PTA (Public Transport Authority) by calling 13 62 13

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What is SmartRider?

SmartRider is Transperth's electronic ticketing system that uses smartcard technology incorporating an embedded microchip and an aerial to enable the smartcard to communicate with processors located on board Transperth buses, ferries and at train stations.

The embedded microchip enables value to be stored onto your SmartRider card, journey details to be recorded, and the fare value of each journey to be deducted from the stored value on your card. The SmartRider system is simple to use and the most important two things to remember are:

  1. Add value to your card before you travel.

  2. Tag on and tag off whenever you travel on the Transperth network.

Online Student SmartRider Program

To make obtaining a student SmartRider card as easy as possible for students, parents and schools, it now possible to order student SmartRiders online.

Simply click here to begin your online order.

For more information on this service and for other ways to purchase a SmartRider card please read the FAQ page.