Access Control

Access Control Overview

We supply access control systems to a wide variety of organisations and government institutions.
Our feature-rich in-house developed software, can be purchased in different modules depending on your own requirements.
Our pure-IP access control devices allow for simple and cost-efficient installations for both internal and external environments.
Integration with cash free payment systems to reduce administration tasks and total cost of ownership.


Highly Configurable

  • Sophisticated yet intuitive access permissions.
  • Optional entry charges at flat or metered standard and outside hours rates.

Track & Charge

  • Track and secure access areas by patron and/or groups
  • Simple and complex charging algorithms
  • Different charges based on time of day and/or group membership
  • Variety of top-up solutions

Scheduled Access Events and Exceptions

  • Schedule access points to open or close at specified dates and times
  • Schedule patrons access restrictions & charging at specified dates and times

Automated SMS & Email Messages

Provide automatic updates to patrons with their current balance sent to their mobile phone, pager or email account weekly and/or whenever their balance runs low.


Monitor WA can supply customizable reports that may be viewed as tabular data or graphically as a pie, line or a bar chart.

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