Picture of High/Low Voltage Detector (HLVD-20A) Picture of High/Low Voltage Detector (HLVD-20A) Picture of High/Low Voltage Detector (HLVD-20A) Picture of High/Low Voltage Detector (HLVD-20A)
When power voltage fluctuates electrical equipment suffers. The HLVD is designed to automatically detect a problem then offer shutdown protection until the danger subsides. Once the voltage returns to a safe level then the HLVD automatically re-actives power to the circuit. The protection is against both high and low voltage incidents.The HLVD has an inbuilt factory delay of 3 minutes this is primarily because it is designed to protect electric motors, refrigeration and air-conditioning compressors from burning out or blowing up. If a compressor is under load and the power is turned on/off quickly this action can cause a compressor irreparable damage. If an electric motor is supplied low voltage for a period of time this type of supply can cause the motor to burn out.
Manufacturer: Thor
$363.63 ex GST

This has a processor controlling the voltage regulation. If the voltage changes outside of the "safe" window, 190V low or 270V high, then the HLVD shutsdown the power. The internal processor clock then monitors the voltage and when the voltage returns within the "safe" window it waits 3 minutes before re-activating the power automatically. Thus making sure the connected equipment only ever receives safe power. If the voltage travels outside the "safe" window while the timer is on then the timer re-sets.

Note: Factory delay 180 seconds/3minutes can be adjusted donw to a few seconds if shorter delay required.

  • Product Dimensions: 70mm x 90mm x 60mm
  • Supply voltage 240/V AC 50Hz
  • Maximum current rating 20amps/4800 W (VA)
  • Reaction Speed 800 m/secs
  • Detection Voltage 190V to 270V
  • Delay 180 seconds (3 minutes)
  • LED combination Green = Ok, Orange = Delay mode
  • LED combination Red (slow flash) = High Voltage detected, RED (fast flash) = Low Voltage detected
  • Reset Delay override (push button on front)
  • Operating Temperature -10C/+60C
  • Housing High Temperature impact Polycarbonate Housing Din Rail Mount
  • Model No. HLVD 20A

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