Scratch-Off Monochrome Ribbon 1,000 Card prints per roll
For use in the Evolis Dualys3, Pebble3, and Pebble4 card printers.
Manufacturer: Evolis
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SKU: R2018
$77.00 inc GST

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Picture of Regular Cleaning Kit (ACL001)
Regular Cleaning Kit for cleaning rollers and printhead
5 adhesive cards and 5 swabs
use for Evolis Zenius and Primacy card printers.

$45.00 inc GST

Picture of Advanced Cleaning Kit (ACL002)
2 x pre-saturated T-cards,
2 x adhesive cleaning cards,
1 x printhead cleaning pen and
60 pre-saturated lint-free wipes.
Use with the Zenius and Primacy printers.

$65.00 inc GST