Blank White PVC Cards (Pack 250)
30 mil CR-80 Credit Card Size
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Picture of Evolis Black Ribbon (RCT023NAA)
Black Ribbon (K)
2000 prints per roll
Use for the Evolis Primacy and Zenius card printers

$49.50 inc GST

Picture of Evolis 6 Panel Colour Ribbon (R3314 - R3114 - R3514)
This ribbon is composed by 6 panels: Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black, Overlay and Black. It is used for double-sided color printing with photo quality resolution for the front of the card and some black resin printing on the back.
200 prints per roll

$154.00 inc GST

Picture of Evolis 5 Panel Colour Ribbon (R5F008SAA)
Full Colour Print with Clear Overlay Panel (YMCKO)
300 prints per roll
for use with Evolis Primacy

$153.00 inc GST