Library Security Gates

Certus Library Gates

  • Efficient tried and tested system with a high detection rate.
  • Used in libraries worldwide.
  • Our products comply with workplace health and safety and ADA guidelines.
  • Continuous interrogation preventing 'pass across' or 'pass around' or library resources to avoid detection.
  • Remote electronics controller allows easy monitoring and servicing without disrupting access for patrons exiting through the detection system.
  • Space-saving detection panels are only 440mm deep.
  • Self-diagnostic electronics with indicator lights.
  • Compatible with 3M and Knogo detection systems.
  • Ability to tailor appearance to individual requirements.
  • Option of base plate or direct mount installation. The base plate simplifies installation and means the unit can be easily relocated if required.
  • Slim panels (28mm thick) create an aesthetically pleasing open aspect to the doorway.
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