Kiosk FAQ

Reason: Problem connecting with the Note or Coin Acceptor


  • Reboot the SmartLoader kiosk and then retry.
  • Contact MONITORWA support
  • To empty the stacker or clear notes which are stuck in the Note Acceptor, push the purple latch beneath the Note Acceptor
  • Gently pull the stacker out of note acceptor housing
  • Note: If there is a note stuck in the Note Stacker or Note Acceptor, you will find a note hanging in between the Note Stacker and the Note Acceptor. Gently pull out the note to clear the jam

  • To open the Note Stacker simply squeeze on both clips on either side of the Note Stacker to open the bottom plate.
  • Pull the stacking plate down and then you can take out all the notes.
  • After emptying the stacker push the bottom plate back in and then gently push the stacker back in Note acceptor housing whist keeping the grooves aligned.
  • Double-click on IDCapture shortcut on your desktop to run IDCapture
  • Go to "Setup" -> "Database"
  • Fill in the directory of your old database on network drive or replace the new database with your old database file located in the pre-filled directory.
  • To clear these coin jams, you first need to free the Coin Acceptor by pulling up the security latch that holds the Coin Acceptor
  • Rotating the latch all the way down to the position will allow for the easy removal of the Coin Reader.
  • Gently pull out the coin acceptor out of the housing
  • Open the cover on right hand side of the coin acceptor. Check for the coins that may be stuck inside the coin acceptor. If required, turn the Coin Acceptor upside down to clear any coins and gently push it back in the housing, locking the Coin Acceptor into the housing again with the security latch.
  • Click on "SIS Sync" button

Reason: : The printer is out of receipt roll or there is a problem connecting to the printer


  • Check the Receipt roll.
  • Check for any possible paper jams in the printer.
    • To clear paper jammed in the Receipt Printer; turn off the Receipt Printer
    • Lift the green latch up on the top left hand side of the Receipt
    • clear any paper in the Receipt Printer which is wrapped around the roller.
    • Turn on the printer again and if required feed the Receipt Roll again.
  • Contact MONITORWA support

Hold the new roll from both the sides and feed through the Receipt Printer. The Receipt Printer will automatically take up the roll when it is detected and take it into the Receipt Printer.

Reason: Patrons using another card not registered with the system.


  • Check the card is issued by the institute.
  • The card may be damaged, Please get the card replaced.

Reason: SmartLoader software is not able to connect to the main server


  • Check the Network cable.
  • Call your IT support so that they can check whether the smart loader machine is on the network or if there is an issue with the main server.

Reason: SmartLoader configuration files have been corrupted


  • Reboot the SmartLoader kiosk and try again.
  • Contact MONITORWA Support.

Reason: Either the card number has not been updated in the database or the card has been printed with the wrong number.


  • Contact IT Support to update or rectify the number in the database.

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