ID Capture

IDCapture Overview

The IDCapture application has been developed by Monitor WA to assist schools and other organisations to easily order identity cards. The software utilizes a small database of students or patrons. When a new or replacement card is required, it only takes a few clicks to send the order for us to quickly print and send you the card. Core features include the ability to import patrons from an external third party database and the ability to email orders via MAPI or SMTP.

Installation of IDCapture is simple but we recommend you contact Monitor WA by phone or email to seek assistance if you haven’t installed the program previously.

There are several different versions of IDCapture that affect what fields are required for submitting card orders, provide custom integration into third party systems (such as SIS for SmartRider) and the email address to which card orders are sent. Please take care to choose the correct version for your environment, and contact Monitor WA for assistance if you are unsure.


  • Encrypted data transfer
  • Integrates with Microsoft® Outlook™
  • Supports direct SMTP emailing
  • Works with most USB web cameras

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